For you and your family, we can provide competitive terms for:

  • Home Buildings and Contentsfamily insurance
  • Jewellery and Valuables
  • High value homes and listed buildings
  • Homes with lodgers
  • Homes with child minding
  • Properties with subsidence history
  • Homes in high-risk flood postcodes
  • Non-standard and unusual construction
  • Poor claims experience
  • Adverse financial history


We will also advise you how you can gain extra peace of mind from:

  • Family Legal Protection
  • Home Emergency cover
  • Identity Theft Protection


If you have a long and unblemished record, our job is very easy. However, we do like to work that little bit harder from time to time, and whether it’s a case of accidents and motoring offences affecting your vehicle insurance, or claims, flood or subsidence exposure, non-standard construction, or adverse financial history pushing your home and property premiums up, we’ve got cost-effective solutions. In fact, there are virtually no risks we can’t find a market for.

home insuranceWith your home insurance, we think it’s vitally important to ensure that you get the right level of cover from the outset. Many people are significantly under-insured for their Contents and Valuables, because they haven’t re-appraised their values for years, and this can lead to disappointment following a claim.

We take the time to help you calculate your sums insured correctly in the first instance, and can guide you through a room by room inventory if you wish. Frequently this leads to a total value far in excess of the current level of cover.

Jewellery, pictures and works of art can cause similar problems, if the last written valuation is years out of date, and we will strongly recommend that you obtain a current appraisal to protect your interests properly.  Advice on home security is also available. Prevention is clearly preferable in this area to cure, and we can recommend locksmiths and alarm companies where needed.

To avoid disputes with insurers or their loss adjusters when you have a claim, we are happy to keep, securely in our files, copies of your valuations, and also photographs of particular items.



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